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Exquisite Food Awaits You

If you are a fan of delicious and authentic Indian cuisine, Tashan is the place for you! With our wide selection and range of dishes, experience an extra dose of spice and authentic flavours. The overlapping flavours of each dish make it even more tasteful and unique. Starting with street delicacies, tandoori starters, curries and biryani; customers complete their lavish meal with delicious desserts and drinks.
Our food aims to touch the soul of each customer with its every bite as it prepared with traditional recipes and authenticity. The smoky flavours and traditional spices make it even more worth it and with scrumptious taste comes mouth-watering presentation. From crispy to grilled, we have got you covered for each snack!

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We are delivering quick, hygienic and delicious food packages on your doorstep. Our professional staff makes sure that only fresh and sizzling hot food is delivered to you with safe packaging. You also get to choose among the many choices on our select menu here at, Tashan. We aim to offer more “home style” dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes.
Our friendly service will make the experience even more worthwhile for you, your family and friends. We also majorly focus on the health criteria of each dish as we sincerely care for our customers and their well-being.

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Fall in love with the mixture of spices - place your order today!

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